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Laundry day is not the same for everyone. Some people find it a normal daily chore, but some don’t have the slightest clue about how to do it without ruining their clothes. There are numerous obstacles that individuals face on laundry day, particularly when it comes to drying; however one thing that some fail to comprehend is the knowing which items you can put in the dryer.

Putting your most cherished clothing in the dryer only to find it shrink to the size of a small child is a disaster many of us have been through. In order to help you avoid that issue, here is a comprehensive list of all the clothing items that you can and cannot put in the dryer.

Fabrics that can be dried

  • Cotton: Woven cotton tends to shrink substantially—more than a cotton blended shirt. In order to work around this issue, dry the article on light heat. 100% cotton items will most probably suffer shrinkage.
  • Acrylic: Should be dried on low heat. But make sure you don’t overdo it.
  • Linen: Ensure that linen is not over-dried, otherwise it can result in significantly more hard to press wrinkles.
  • Microfiber: In order to dry this material, make sure that you are using a low heat or a cool setting.
  • Nylon: Low heat should be used while drying nylon in order to prevent creases.
  • Polyester: Using low heat is necessary, but as it dries much quickly, make sure that you dry it accordingly.
  • Silk: Only some pieces require low heat for drying; the label on the item can provide more clarity
  • Velour: Low heat tumble should be used

Cannot be dried

  • Embellished products: These tend to get excessively hot and may even damage the dryer. It is best to keep such items away from the drier.
  • Spandex: Only those clothes should be dried that have low blend of spandex in them; but if the pieces have higher amount of spandex, they should be kept out of the dryer.
  • Lace: It is very fragile material and will probably get caught against different pieces. The best way is to simply hang them to dry.
  • Rayon: It tends to shrink when put in the dryer. Lay rayon items out on a surface to dry them.
  • Suede: If suede pieces are dried in a dryer, they will get damaged and discolored. To dry them it is best to lay them out.
  • Wool: It will shrink if dried. Wash in chilly water and afterward lay to dry.

The best measure to ensure that you are pursuing the right drying method is to read the label on the clothing. Some other things that should not be put in a dryer include:

  • Bathing suits
  • Tights
  • Tennis shoes
  • Anything with rhinestones

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