Are Your Wolf and Sub-Zero Appliances Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it has everyone trying to decide on the ideal backdrop for a romantic dinner for two, or a group if that is more your style. Either way, there are choices to be made. 

Staying home for Valentine’s Day has become an increasingly popular option. Not only do you cut down on the costs associated with dining out, but you save yourself the hassle of having to find safe and sober transportation for you and a date. 

If you are one of the millions of people that are deciding to host a dinner at your home for Valentine’s Day, you’ll most likely want your kitchen to look its best. For those that are fortunate enough to have a kitchen outfitted with Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances, here are some tips and tricks to get them gleaming and company-ready for your V-Day soiree. 


Sub-Zero Refrigerator Maintenance Tips 

Nothing screams luxury like a beautiful Sub-Zero refrigerator. The seamless and modern design makes any kitchen look like it’s straight out of Architectural Digest. Even in the most beautiful of kitchens, spills and scuffs still occur. Ahead of having that special someone over, or a full-on dinner party, you’ll want to bring your Sub-Zero refrigerator up to its original luster. 

  • Make Sure the Ice Maker Is Working – If you happen to have a stand-alone ice maker and rarely use the built-in icemaker on your Sub-Zero refrigerator, then you may want to empty the ice tray before having company over. Doing so every 2-3 weeks will prevent ice from freezing together, clumping and starting to taste stale. This is helpful if you have any guests that head for the refrigerator to chill their beverages. 
  • Clean the Inside of Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator – Obviously, if you’re having guests over you’ll want to tidy up the inside of your Sub-Zero refrigerator. To properly clean the inside of your Sub-Zero you’ll want to use a mild detergent and water on a soft washcloth. For tough stains use baking soda paste with a little bit of water. Avoid getting any water on the interior lights or control displays. DO NOT use any products that have rubbing alcohol or vinegar in them. Carefully rinse off any residue and thoroughly dry. 
  • Polish the outside – If you happen to have the classic Sub-Zero stainless steel refrigerator it is important to periodically clean to bring out the natural luster. To properly clean the outside, use a soft lint-free cloth. Kind of like the cloth you clean your sunglasses with, but larger. Lightly wipe the surface with a damp microfiber cloth and dry it with a dry polishing cloth. Always remember to follow the grain of the stainless steel and never use any harsh chemicals on the exterior of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, especially cleaning solutions that are alcohol-based. 

Wolf Range Maintenance Tips 

Wolf ranges, cooktops, and convection ovens are in a class all of their own. While there is a self-cleaning feature on most Wolf ovens, how should you properly clean the cooktop? If you’re having a get together this Valentine’s Day and want your kitchen looking its best, here are some tips to polish up the appearance of your Wolf range. 

  • Clean the Burner Caps – Give your burner caps some extra TLC ahead of Valentine’s Day. While the burner caps vary slightly from model to model, they are all very similar. This is a simple soak and gently scrub situation. The burner caps are easily removed and can be washed in soapy water with a non-abrasive sponge. When you are cleaning around the burner, be sure not to damage the igniter. Getting moisture or chemicals in the igniter may damage it.  
  • Clean Burner Pan – Not to be repetitive, but the same soapy water solution applies here as well. However, if you have tough to remove grime or burn food particles, you can use a very mild degreaser to remove tough stains. Be sure to thoroughly dry every surface when you are finished cleaning. 
  • Clean Oven Knobs – To clean those signature Wolf oven knobs, all you have to do is grip firmly and pull straight towards you. Wash them in the same soapy water solution, dry with a towel and allow them to sit out and air dry before replacing them back on your Wolf range.
  • Clean Wolf Gas Range Grates – The grates on your Wolf gas range take a pretty hard beating throughout the year. Especially if you cook from home more than twice a week. You’d think they’d be difficult to keep clean, but it is actually fairly easy. First, remove grates from the stovetop. For tougher to remove burnt foods and stains, you can make a pasty solution of baking soda and water to gently scrub the grime away. Other than that, follow the same rule of thumb. Soapy water and a non-abrasive washcloth can be used to polish them up. Rinse and dry before replacing them back on your range. 

While a quick wipe down of your appliances is sometimes all the time you have, periodically putting time aside to properly dismantle and clean each part of your Sub-Zero refrigerator and Wolf range will contribute to the longevity and sharp appearance of these luxury appliances. Since Wolf has a wide variety of products, finishes, and materials, you may find it helpful to refer to this complete cleaning guide provided by Wolf

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