Appliance Repair in the Age of COVID-19

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Appliance Repair in the Age of COVID-19 The coronavirus pandemic has left most of us scouring the internet for what to do in certain situations. From food delivery to opening your mail, there are all sorts of theories floating around the web about how to safely conduct ourselves when executing everyday tasks. Appliance repair is

How to Save Energy When Doing Laundry

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How to Save Energy When Doing Laundry Do you know how much energy goes into doing the laundry? In 2018, Americans used 10 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to wash clothes. Another 60 billion kilowatt-hours were used to dry them, meaning about 10% of electricity consumed at home is used for washing and drying laundry.1

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Repair Service Appointment

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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Repair Service Appointment Your repair service appointment is an opportunity to receive as much help as possible from an experienced technician. With the right preparation, you can make it easier for them and save yourself trouble down the road. Follow these tips to get the

Why Isn’t My Dryer Getting Hot?

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Why Isn't My Dryer Getting Hot? A clothes dryer is a modern convenience that uses heat and motion to dry clothes quickly. Tumble drying without any heat can take much longer. The appliance applies critical heat of anywhere from 150 to 200°F to dry a full load of laundry; without it, your clothes may not

5 Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine from Smelling Bad

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5 Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine from Smelling Bad Owning a washing machine is a luxury, and one that requires somewhat of an investment. The one downside is washing machines can start to stink after a while. You might think the dirt from your clothes is causing the odor. However, the real cause

My Dryer Is Not Drying: What Should I Do?

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Asko Servicing and Repair in Palm Springs and Los Angeles A dryer that is not producing heat or drying can be frustrating and seriously impede your household. Regardless if your dryer is new or old, you can fix the issue by following a few simple tips. There could be many reasons for a dryer to

Easy Fixes for Washer Repair

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Asko Appliance Servicing in Palm Springs Everyone will encounter problems with their washing machine at some point. A water leak or unusual noises can be extremely frustrating, especially considering how much you likely paid for your washing machine. Here’s some ideas as to what may be causing your issues. Noisy Washer A defective tub bearing

Is It Time to Replace Your Grill?

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Los Angeles Wolf Appliance Servicing There is nothing like having a juicy grilled steak, without having to worry about dirty pots and pans left behind to be cleaned. Grills are one of the best things about having a back yard. Unfortunately, a grill tends to wear out with time, which consequently makes it quite dangerous