Should I Repair or Replace My Existing Fridge?

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Should I Repair or Replace My Existing Fridge? A refrigerator problem is no laughing matter. For most people, the fridge is the only appliance that keeps food items cold and fresh, meaning the difference between food that’s safe to eat or is spoiled and unsafe. If the unit isn’t running cold enough, you may have

Tips On How To Replace Your Refrigerator Door Gasket

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A worn or damaged refrigerator door seal, a.k.a., gasket, can let out cold air and cause a variety of problems. Your food may spoil, energy costs may increase, and your refrigerator will work overtime and eventually fail. Fortunately, gasket repairs are something you can do on your own with minimal time and cost. Make

How to Fix My Ice Maker When it Won’t Make Ice

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Ice Maker Troubleshooting An ice maker is a helpful tool that ensures you always have access to ice when you need it. Yet sometimes things can go wrong. Whether the ice maker has stopped making ice or is making too much ice and not shutting off properly, you may find yourself asking how to

Unplugging Your Fridge While On Vacation

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Southern California & Palm Springs Sub-Zero Servicing Getting anxious the night before leaving for a vacation is quite normal. The situation can be more panic-inducing if you are leaving for a longer period of time, nervously wondering what loose ends are left to attend to. Whether it be watering your plants, taking care of your

Watch Out for These 5 Refrigerator Issues

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Southern California Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. If it suddenly breaks down, then you could be facing a lot of problems keeping your food from spoiling. Most refrigerators are quite durable and will give you a service life of several years if you just take

Can I Fix My Fridge Myself?

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While the same principle behind the refrigerator has remained constant over the years (keeping food fresh and cool), appliances in general have only become more complicated with time. All refrigerators have an electric motor, compressor, coolant, and tubing working together to pull heat away from the interior. The incorporation of digital panels and touch-screen interfaces

“My Fridge isn’t Cooling!”

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  3 Possible Causes Responses to refrigerators which suddenly stop keeping food cool range from mild concern to utter panic. Once your fridge stops keeping your food cold, everything in your fridge can be at risk of spoiling within a few hours. Here are three possible causes for you lack of cooling and how to

How to Organize Your Fridge

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Servicing Sub-Zero Appliances in Orange, Riverside, & Ventura Counties Not only does a well-organized refrigerator make grabbing food easier, but it also can keep your food fresh longer. Below are some tips on how best to arrange your food the next time you come back from the grocery store.   Treat your fridge like a

Caring for Your Fridge

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Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliance Repair in Los Angeles County The fact that your fridge is almost perpetually “on” goes largely unnoticed by the majority of consumers. Anything working this hard deserves to be tended to now and then to get the most life out of it. Maintaining a refrigerator goes well beyond clearing out rotting

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