Alexa Enabled Refrigerators

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Alexa Enabled Refrigerators Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. is factory-certified to install, repair, and maintain Sub-Zero refrigerators, even the latest connected models. Amazon Alexa enabled fridges are part of the latest phenomenon of connected appliances. Smart fridges are all the rage and incorporate advanced features that can be controlled by voice assistants. So, just

Why Is My Oven Tripping Electrics?

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Why Is My Oven Tripping Electrics? Your oven can trip a circuit breaker for many reasons. When you reset the breaker, and the same problem happens again, you must assume something is not right. Electric power may be exceeding system capacity or wires are becoming overheated. If you’re at a loss, here is why

How Do I Keep the Bottom of My Oven Clean?

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How Do I Keep the Bottom of My Oven Clean? Every time you use the oven, the process may end with a most unpleasant job—cleaning the oven. Grease, oil, spills, and crumbs easily find there way to the bottom. There are many cleaning solutions on the market. You’ll also find special covers. But there’s only one

5 Tips to Prevent Spills in Your Oven

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5 Tips to Prevent Spills in Your Oven Clean up is an accepted part of preparing meals and cooking. Spills in the oven only add to the time and effort required to get your kitchen clean. Prevention can simplify things a bit. After all, cleaning an oven generally requires more work than wiping clean

Appliances And Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget

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If you are planning to remodel your kitchen while staying within a tight budget, there are ways to cut costs without choosing second-rate kitchen appliances. The fact is, a low quality appliance may need replacing earlier, and when you choose good appliances, you have the option to repair rather than entering a cycle of

How to Clean a Dirty Oven and Stovetop

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Wolf Appliance Repair Specialists in Southern California Gunked-up controls, sauce-splattered burner grates, and greasy windows - all of these suggest your kitchen needs immediate cleaning. Whether you have invited friends and family, or simply enjoying your holiday season, your kitchen will definitely turn into a restaurant kitchen if you don’t keep it clean. An unkept

Fixing a Microwave That Is Not Heating

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Wolf Microwave Repair in Palm Springs & Los Angeles There can be many reasons why your microwave is not operating the way it should. One of the most commonly observed problems is when your microwave stops heating. This happens frequently and for multiple reasons. However, to figure out the main issue, you need to know

Seven Tips for Oven Maintenance

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Wolf Appliance Repair in Palm Springs & Los Angeles For many people, the oven is one of the major, and most used, kitchen appliances. Anyone who uses the oven as an everyday appliance must know the stress that comes with its repair, cleaning, and maintenance. The fact is most of us usually have no clue