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A dryer that is not producing heat or drying can be frustrating and seriously impede your household.

Regardless if your dryer is new or old, you can fix the issue by following a few simple tips.

There could be many reasons for a dryer to stop drying, but the first step is to figure out the main problem area. However, if you have already checked and found no obvious problem, then check the following parts of your dryer.

Lint Filter

Most of the time the problem is just a dirty lint filter. This happens when fabric softener or lint accumulates and blocks the airflow of the filter. In this case, your dryer takes more time than usual in one dryer cycle. So you should start with first cleaning the lint filters. For this, you can use soap and hot water. Also, if you think that the lint filter is either worn or torn, simply replace it altogether.

Blower Wheel

Another problem area could be the blower wheel of your dryer. A blower wheel is responsible for passing air through the dryer. But if the air is blowing inefficiently, the high limit thermostat may cause excessive standing heat and eventually shut off the heat.

Typically you will notice the blower wheel either clamped or threaded to the motor shaft’s end. Make sure it is not loose or it will produce a rattling sound. Furthermore, make sure no debris is accumulated in the blower wheel housing as it might hamper the wheel’s movement.


In case your dryer runs on gas, it must be having a set of a few safety coils or even solenoids. When these safety coils or solenoids start to malfunction, they may hinder the operating part through your dryer cycle, causing the dryer to remain cold. If your dryer is heating for the very first portion of its cycle only, it indicates a fault in one or more coils. This problem is difficult to identify as once the coils cool down, they start functioning normally again.

Door Seal

Just like your refrigerator door, the door of your dryer may be built of vinyl gasket or with rubber around it. This helps in maintaining the internal air temperature. But if you notice that your dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes, chances are that the dryer door is inflexible, cracked or worn-out. It means that your dryer door is allowing cool air to get in. However, this problem can be fixed easily by replacing the damaged door.

Felt Drum Seal

Another possibility is the fault of the felt drum seal. These seals prevent the cool air from getting into the drum. But if the material of felt drum seal gets cracks or holes in it due to excessive use or age, the cool air will hamper the drying process. An obvious indication of a faulty felt drum seal is when clothes get stuck. Also, when you turn on the drum, it starts making a sounds like scrapes or thumps.

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