Asko Appliance Servicing in Palm Springs

Everyone will encounter problems with their washing machine at some point. A water leak or unusual noises can be extremely frustrating, especially considering how much you likely paid for your washing machine. Here’s some ideas as to what may be causing your issues.

Noisy Washer

A defective tub bearing could cause your tub to spin unevenly. The outer tub and bearing should be replaced.

If the drive pulley is worn out or defective in any way, it should be removed and replaced.

If the motor coupling that connects the motor to the washer transmission failed or breaks, it needs to be replaced.

A worn out clutch assembly regulates a washing machine’s speed, and when it wears out it should be replaced.

Drive belts can dry out and crack over time and should be replaced when they break.

Wash Won’t Spin

If the lid switch assembly breaks down, the washer isn’t going to spin. It should be replaced in this case.

Overloading the washer or normal wear and tear can cause the motor coupling to fail.

The drive belt should be replaced if it is broken or becomes loose.

Washer Won’t Start

If some of the buttons on the user display board function properly but others do not, the board may need replacing.

Your timer may be defective: test it according to your washer’s wiring diagram and use a multimeter.

If your line fuse blows, you will need to replace it. You should also try and find the cause such as shorted out wires, motor, or drain pump.

Washer Won’t Drain

If small objects or clothing are caught in the drain pump, you may need to remove the pump to check for obstructions. Otherwise, you should replace the pump.

If your lid switch assembly is faulty, water will not drain from the washer. Use a multimeter to test for continuity before replacing.


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