Inspiring Design Integration, Cove Dishwashers

Dishwashers are designed to leave dishes sparkling clean while conserving water. But thereโ€™s more to getting spotless, glistening dishes and glasses. And thereโ€™s even more to Cove Dishwashers than their near-silent operation, flexibility, and durability and high-grade materials. Cove has been an innovator in custom design from the interior of its dishwashers to custom handles and integration with custom cabinetry.


An integrated dishwasher may not look like one from the outside. In fact, it may look no different than a regular cabinet panel. Mounting a custom cabinet panel on the appliance creates a seamless design. It is also flush-mounted, so it does not break the flow in design or stick out and create any hazards.

U.S manufacturers often use the term โ€œpanel ready dishwasherโ€, derived from the term โ€œintegrated dishwasherโ€ more commonly used in Europe.

Features of Design Integration

A panel ready dishwasher may be:

  • Fully integrated: The controls are on top of the panel, but hidden from view when the door is closed. Door handles can even be made to match other cabinet handles, doorknobs, and kitchen hardware.
  • Semi-integrated: A custom panel can be used but the controls are still visible on part of the unit. A semi-integrated look can still go well with your kitchen design, while supporting full control of the dishwasher without opening the panel.

How Coveโ€™s Integration Principle Differs

Coveโ€™s built-in dishwashers include 24-inch panel-ready models with three racks and a four-stage water filtrations system. They also have 12 different programs. Built to Coveโ€™s high standards, theyโ€™re designed to clean any type of dish and utensil and can accommodate various sizes and combinations.

There is also a height-adjustable stem rack, while multiple options include delayed start, extended dry, heated dry, high-temperature wash, and top wash only. Multiple touchpoints allow for further customization with seven different adjustment settings.

In addition, the heating element is hidden, protecting dishes. Two pumps and motors separate clean from dirty water. Furthermore, a clean interior tank design consists of a smooth tub with no creases. The tank has a screw-less construction and water is fed from outside it.

Design integration, therefore, doesnโ€™t sacrifice functionality. Cove has made its line of dishwashers to integrate into any kitchen design. They can be matched with Wolf and Sub-Zero stainless steel or accept custom panels. Adaptability is one of Coveโ€™s dishwasher selling points, along with the companyโ€™s 5-year warranty on parts and service and an infinite number of interior variations to make dishwashers as customizable and adjustable as possible.

More Insights into Design Flexibility

Cove offers multiple stainless-steel panel widths. You can, therefore, have a dishwasher installed that accommodates the size of the cabinetry opening. Kickplates are also available if you want to cover the area between the unit and the floor. Plus, customers benefit from the premium-grade materials used on all the companyโ€™s dishwasher models, which are designed to last at least 20 years. Major components are stress-tested during the design phase to ensure they can withstand years of daily use.

Cove Repair Specialists at Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance

Sub-Zero has been a pioneer in home refrigeration since 1945. Cove dishwashing wasnโ€™t introduced until 2018, but its products represent decades of research and testing. This brand of luxury dishwashers includes insulated, soundproof appliances, which operate nearly silently and are equipped with interior LED lights that turn on when the panel is open. The appliances are also engineered to accommodate various options kitchen designers might consider.

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