Long Beach Wolf, Sub-Zero, Cove & ASKO Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Long Beach, California

Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc: 40+ Years of Experience and Factory Certified Service for Residents in Southern California & Las Vegas, NV

Customers in Long Beach depend on Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. for In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty repair services for Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ovens & ranges, Cove dishwashers, and Asko washers and dryers. Same-day service is available for immediate repairs, made possible by the factory-specified replacement parts stocked in our trucks. Our technicians are factory trained and receive continuous training to stay up on the latest tools and repair methods. Appliance maintenance is our priority to ensure reliability and longevity.

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Wolf Appliance Repair in Long Beach

Wolf Appliances are known for a range of high-quality products, including dishwashers, ovens, ranges, range tops, and outdoor grills. Call us to troubleshoot a problem and, on the same day, we can fix:

  • Wolf Ranges: Whether you experience a problem with a gas or duel fuel Wolf oven range, or your burners or controls malfunction, we can find the root cause. Gas supply issues can be quickly corrected, and we’ll test your unit to ensure it’s in optimal condition.
  • Wolf Microwaves: Heating issues, light switch problems, or broken displays can render a microwave unusable. Our Long Beach appliance repair technicians can address the problem and even fix magnetron issues to give your microwave oven a new lease on life.

  • Wolf Ovens: Are heating elements or burners acting up? Call our technicians to check your Wolf stove top, determine how to correct a problem, or replace your Wolf stove so you can enjoy a quality home-cooked meal.

  • Wolf Range Hoods: If your range is noisy or not clearing smoke, have our team look at the malfunction and see if it can be fixed. Our technicians are trained in repairing just about any problem.

  • Wolf Outdoor Grills: Cooking grills need to be functioning at peak performance to keep the desired temperature. If the flame is low, for example, we’ll check the gas supply, regulator, and other parts for problems.

  • Wolf Countertop Appliances: We fix food processors, toaster ovens, juicers, coffee machines, and other appliances you use on a daily basis.

Long Beach Sub-Zero Authorized Appliance Repair

We can repair and maintain a Wolf range, microwaves, ovens, and grills as well as outdoor appliances. Whether you have burners that don’t work or food is cooking unevenly, we can check the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution. Our Huntington Beach Wolf repair technicians can quickly fix a Wolf stove with a broken light or a malfunctioning burner.

If you have an older oven that is past its prime, we can recommend reliable and affordable replacements. Wolf offers built-in ovens, or we can install a gas or duel fuel Wolf oven range. A streamlined Wolf stove top with a gas, electric, or induction system can be the ideal solution, whether you choose a high- or low-end system.

  • Sub-Zero Refrigerators: Our technicians provide Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Long Beach whether your perishables aren’t kept cool or the door isn’t closing. No matter the problem, your Sub-Zero refrigerator is in good hands.

  • Sub-Zero Freezers: Trained in fixing and maintaining all Sub-Zero appliances, our specialists can ensure your freezer meets its design specifications, is properly maintained, and faulty components are replaced.

Cove Repair in Long Beach

When a dishwasher develops a problem, dishes and kitchenware may not get fully clean or dry. Drainage issues can cause trouble. A dishwasher that leaks, is not level, or makes noise may need to be repaired. Our Long Beach technicians can troubleshoot your Cove dishwasher and fix issues such as clogged or damaged sprayer arms or cracked gaskets. Replacement parts are always available and we’ll recommend the best replacement dishwasher if necessary.

ASKO – Dishwasher & Laundry Washer & Dryer Repair in Long Beach, CA

Renowned for their reliability, energy efficiency, and environmental benefits, ASKO appliances that we can repair include:

  • Asko Dishwashers: Dishwasher doors, tanks, pipes, gaskets, or fans may require service over time, but we can resolve problems with built-in, panel ready appliances, or outdoor dishwashers.

  • Asko Laundry Washers: Washing machines can develop doors, drum, or sealing problems. We can address anything and even install a suspension system to protect your machine from vibration.

  • Asko Laundry Dryers: Door seals, heat pumps, and other components can fail, but our technicians are ready for anything and can restore your laundry drying capabilities.

Same-Day Long Beach Appliance Repair

Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. offers factory-certified service of Wolf, Sub-Zero, Cove, and ASKO appliances. Whether your appliance is In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty, our technicians will provide maintenance and repairs whenever necessary. To request service, contact us or call 800-427-3653 today.