Factory-Certified Santa Ana Appliance Repair for Wolf, Sub-Zero, Cove, and ASKO Appliances

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Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc: In-Warranty & Out-of-Warranty Repair for a Range of Appliances

Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. has been repairing leading-brand appliances and ensuring they perform to specifications for over 40 years. We are factory-certified to provide In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty service. Our technicians are prompt and efficient; we offer same-day service and receive ongoing factory training. Therefore, we are up on the latest products, replacement parts, repair methods, and test equipment.

In fact, each truck has a full stock of factory-specified replacement parts. When a technician evaluates whether you need Sub-Zero refrigerator repair or need a new oven, dishwasher, or washer/dryer, we can identify what’s causing the problem and retrieve new parts. We also maintain a solid supply chain so, if a part isn’t immediately available, we can get it to you quickly. Dispatched to Santa Ana, our technicians respond quickly and will accommodate your busy schedule.

Customers in Santa Ana and the local area regularly depend on us for:

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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Sub-Zero refrigerators are available in built-in and integrated models. The latest models feature digital controls, microprocessors, and magnetically sealed doors, so they require someone with knowledge of the latest technologies to inspect and repair. We’re also familiar with the newest PRO 48 refrigeration system. When you need it most, Sub-Zero authorized appliance repair in Santa Ana is just a phone call away.

The company has been in business since 1945 when its first food preservation system was launched. It has since built a lasting reputation of quality and innovation. Today, it’s PRO 48 dual refrigeration system stores fresh foods and frozen and convenience foods. We’re experienced with keeping food fresh and understand the intricate workings of the latest refrigerators. If your food isn’t cold enough, ice isn’t being made, or your fridge doesn’t sound right, call us immediately for Sub-Zero refrigerator repair.

Santa Ana Wolf Oven Repair

Wolf produces high-quality ovens, ranges, rangetops, dishwashers, and outdoor grills. Although reliable and designed for a productive and efficient cooking experience, Wolf appliances can develop problems over time. You can ensure they last with proper upkeep, whether you have a built-in oven, rangetop, or a gas, electric, or induction cooktop. Wolf is also known for its microwave ovens. Other products include module cooktops that convert any countertop into a cooking surface, range hoods and ventilation systems, and outdoor grills with a double-wall stainless steel construction and precise heat control.

If you need Wolf appliance repair in Santa Ana, call Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance. Our technicians specialize in fixing microwaves and dishwashers. Our team can even fix countertop appliances such as countertop ovens, coffee machines, blenders, toasters, and griddles. If your range burners aren’t heating properly or you’re having trouble with the controls, our Wolf range repair experts will quickly assess the problem and get things working again.

Cove Dishwasher Repair & Maintenance

A Cove dishwasher provides efficient cleaning and is nearly silent. You can expect spotless results, but maintenance is essential if you want to keep it that way. Once you start to see leftover dirt, your dishes aren’t drying, the unit isn’t draining, or it is running too long, contact our team for the best in Cove dishwasher repair in Santa Ana. We can provide quick solutions where possible, instantly install replacement parts, or replace your dishwasher with a newer, more efficient model.

ASKO – Dishwasher & Laundry Washer & Dryer Repair

We are also familiar with ASKO’s energy efficient, reliable dishwashers and can resolve problems with built-in, panel ready, and outdoor models. Laundry washers can be serviced and even supported by installing a unique suspensions system. Dryer repair can be performed if you need a new heat pump or door seal. Our technicians can do it all.

In-Warranty & Out-of-Warranty

Appliance Repair in Santa Ana

If you’re in Santa Ana, and need Sub-Zero appliance repair, Wolf range repair, or a Cove or ASKO appliance serviced, call 800-427-3653 or request service directly on our site today.