Sub-Zero, Cove, ASKO, and Wolf Appliance Repair in Simi Valley

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Wilshire Refrigeration: Factory Authorized Appliance Repair

Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. provides factory-certified appliance repair services for leading brand appliances, like Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Wolf Stoves, Ovens & Microwaves, Cove Dishwashers, and Asko Washers/Dryers. In business for over 40 years, we are always prompt, efficient, and able to get things done right the first time. It also helps that our trucks are stocked full of replacement parts. Technicians, dispatched to Simi Valley, are always close by, and receive ongoing training in the latest products, parts, test systems, and repair methods. Customers depend on our same-day service.

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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair & Maintenance

As your local Simi Valley Sub-Zero authorized appliance repair company, we service built-in and integrated refrigerators from Sub-Zero, a company that’s been leading in food preservation since 1945. Sub-Zero refrigerator repair is more specialized than it used to be because the latest models integrate microprocessors, digital controls, and magnetically sealed doors. We can fix these and the essential components that keep your food cold. If you have the PRO 48 dual refrigeration system, you can count on us for maintenance and to inspect your fridge should there be any problems.

Contact us right away if your food isn’t cold enough or there is water in the freezer. A leak, unusual noise, or foul odor should never be ignored. Your refrigerator is telling you something, but you can always count on us for Sub-Zero fridge repair in Simi Valley.

Simi Valley Wolf Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Wolf is known for its high-quality, efficient ovens, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves, and outdoor grills. Convenient built-in ovens save space while gas, electric, or induction cooktops allow you to choose what best suits your needs.

Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. can help you with Wolf oven or range repair in Simi Valley. Fortunately, our technicians are experienced with all these appliances and can fix any problem. They can also install any type of unit, from standard ovens to module cooktops, range hoods, and outdoor grills.

If you’re in Simi Valley, Wolf oven repair is just a phone call away. We can schedule service conveniently on the same day and work around your schedule.

Cove Dishwasher Repair in Simi Valley

Cove is respected for quality and reliability. However, you never want to skip maintenance because that can reduce efficiency and lead to problems in the long run. Our technicians are trained to provide dishwasher maintenance. They’re also trained to provide Cove dishwasher repair in Simi Valley to correct any problems causing your dishes to come out dirty or wet. If the appliance doesn’t drain, runs too long, or leaks, call us right away.

ASKO – Dishwasher & Laundry Washer & Dryer Repair

Our team fixes built-in, panel ready, and outdoor appliances. Whether your dishwasher starts acting up and needs service or your washing machine isn’t getting your clothes clean, leaks, or doesn’t turn on, we can help. We also fix dryers and install new parts such as heat pumps and seals. ASKO also makes a suspension system specially designed to stop vibration, which we can repair as well.

Professional Appliance Repair in Simi Valley

Same-day service is available to meet your Simi Valley Sub-Zero appliance repair needs or accommodate your schedule. We service Wolf, Cove, and ASKO appliances as well, whether they are In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty; you can still expect the best service in oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator repair. Feel free to explore our full range of services on the Web. To schedule a visit, fill out our service request form and we will promptly respond to your needs. You can also call 800-427-3653 to speak directly with a representative.