The Unmatched Beauty of Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration

Seamless and beautiful kitchen design can be achieved with the integrated Sub-Zero refrigeration. By incorporating blended appliances to offer a unified and truly zen-like aesthetic, Sub-Zero has set the bar high when it comes to contemporary kitchen design.ย 


Sub-Zero refrigerators and appliances come in both the classic built-in and integrated style, each offering its own set of unique features to complement the heart of the home. Take a closer look at what Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration can provide, and how it can transform your kitchen into a landscape of smooth lines and consistent design.

Sub-Zero is a classic American kitchen appliance brand. Recognized for powerful, efficient performance, Sub-Zero refrigerators offer automated temperature control, dual refrigeration, and an incredible air purification system. Developed to withstand 20 years of operation, Sub-Zero is considered an investment purchase and should only receive refrigeration repairs from a certified Sub-Zero service provider.ย 

The Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator is a work of art with powerful functionality. It differs from the classic series of built-in design features, configurations and measurements. All Sub-Zero refrigerators are built-in, or professionally installed for a precise, custom fit within the surrounding cabinetry of your home. With both stainless steel and panel-ready finishes available, the limitless configurations that Sub-Zero offers afford consumers the flexibility to complement any dรฉcor.

Classic Built-in Sub-Zero Refrigeratorsย 

The classic Sub-Zero side-by-side refrigerator averages 84 inches in height. The โ€˜standard installationโ€™ offers minimal protrusion from surrounding cupboards, while the โ€˜flush insetโ€™ installation prevents the fridge door from protruding beyond surrounding cabinetry.ย 

The classic Sub-Zero refrigeration systems are available in the following configurations:ย 

  • Combined fridge and bottom drawer freezer.
  • French door styles.ย 
  • Side by side doors.ย 

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration Modelsย 

For the contemporary home, blending appliances with the design of the kitchen remains a property style trend. Adding value and a beautiful modern edge, integrated refrigeration offers everything traditional refrigeration installation lacks, and so much more.ย 

The integrated design offered by Sub-Zero caters to the unique requirements of the modern family. Spacious refrigeration that is built to suit all of your storage needs, Sub-Zero makes it possible to combine different features to create a custom look. You can select the bottom freezer of one refrigerator, and combine it with another model to create an ideal refrigeration unit for your specific needs. Sub-Zero also offers various configuration accessories to produce a beautifully blended product.ย 

Integrated refrigeration provides fully built-in design. The articulated styles of hinges are concealed on the inside of the refrigerator door. It eliminates the need for additional space to accommodate the unit as required with the classic fridge design. This means a gorgeously blended fridge and cabinetry, adding undeniable value and beauty to your home.ย 

Integrated Refrigerators are Available in the Following Configurations:

  • Separate full refrigerator and freezer columns.
  • Undercounter fridge drawers.
  • Combined fridge and freezer columns.
  • Over and under refrigeration.ย 
  • Beautiful features entirely unique to integrated refrigeration designย 

Specific integrated Sub-Zero models feature an internal water dispenser, a freshness card to preserve food and distinct drawers offering temperature and humidity control for improved food storage. Integrated refrigeration offers frameless door shelves with enhanced LED lights giving it a visually stunning edge.ย 

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