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There is nothing like having a juicy grilled steak, without having to worry about dirty pots and pans left behind to be cleaned. Grills are one of the best things about having a back yard.

Unfortunately, a grill tends to wear out with time, which consequently makes it quite dangerous to use. The question, however, is how exactly would you know if your grill has worn out or if it’s time you got yourself a new one? Here are a few tell-tale signs.


Having an outdoor grill means it will be exposed to rain, dust, and debris. Even though you can clean it now and then, there is a good chance that your grill will start to rust. Of course, it will not be overtaken with rusty in a day, but finding hints of it is no less than a sign that you need to start looking for a new outdoor grill. It will soon be time to let this grill go for good.

Yellow Flames

The color of the flames is enough to tell if the grill has passed its prime. Normally, you can clean the burner and get rid of this issue, but in case the problem persists, get rid of your grill. You can also tell by the evenness of the fire. If it burns unevenly, start looking for a replacement.


Grilling is a product of fire and grease. People often leave the grease alone after they are done with the cooking, while it keeps building up with each round of grilling that you do. If you let it go unnoticed, this grease will continue to build until it becomes impossible to clean it. This is a clear sign that you should start looking for a new grill, not just because this one will become less-efficient for cooking, but also because it is now a matter of safety more than it is a matter of good or bad food.


The last thing you would want with an unsafe grill. This happens because outdoor grills are exposed to debris which adversely affects the condition of your grill. Over time, your grill will start deteriorating, and become prone to cracks which were never there before. Once these cracks take over the firebox, your grill will begin posing greater problems. This is when you know your grill needs to be replaced as soon as you can.


It is always important to clean the grill after each usage. The reason is simple: if you don’t, the sides and bottom of the grill tend to get clogged. With no air intake, the grill will not vent and consequently become inoperable. So if you find the vents of your grill blocked, time to replace it.


Pretty much everything wears off with time. If you find any of the above-mentioned factors affecting your grill, it is best that you leave it be, and replace that grill with a new one.

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