Why Isn’t My Dryer Getting Hot?

A clothes dryer is a modern convenience that uses heat and motion to dry clothes quickly. Tumble drying without any heat can take much longer. The appliance applies critical heat of anywhere from 150 to 200°F to dry a full load of laundry; without it, your clothes may not fully dry and you’ll need appliance repair. A dryer may not be getting hot because of:

An Air Duct Vent Problem

The problem may be as simple as a pinched air duct hose, because the dryer has been installed too close to the wall. If you have a gas dryer, it must be properly vented. The ventilation ensures moisture is always carried away from the unit while it is running.

An exhaust vent may be clogged. Lint that isn’t caught by the filter can collect and cause a blockage inside the exhaust if it doesn’t pass all the way through. The blockage will prevent air, and the moisture contained in it, from escaping. The dryer temperature will therefore be lower. Fortunately, there are cleaning services for dryer vents, and HVAC contractors are experienced at installing specialized booster fans; they can also modify the ventilation system, so it exits at an exterior wall closer to the dryer.

In some cases, an internal clog can be corrected by removing the lint filter and locating the blockage. If you can find it, try using a vacuum to suction out material. Another possibly effective method is to use a leaf blower to force lint and debris through the duct to the outside vent (just make sure the dryer duct is properly fastened and connected).

A Burnt Out Pilot Light

Pilot lights may still be found in older dryers. The dryer won’t heat up if the pilot light is out. Relighting it should resolve the problem, but you must disconnect the air duct, turn off the gas, and unplug the dryer first. Instructions on how to reignite the pilot light in your unit can be found in its owner’s manual.

A Failed Heating Element

The heating element is the component that turns electricity or gas into hot air. If it’s broken, your clothes dryer won’t produce hot air, so the temperature won’t be hot enough to evaporate the moisture in your washed clothing. You can assume the heating element has broken if the exhaust vent is clear and the motor and drum are turning, but the inside of the dryer is still at room temperature after about 15 minutes. Installing a new heating element is the only way to get the machine working properly again.

In an electric dryer, it’s also possible for a bra wire or a bobby pin to ground the heating element to the appliance chassis. Another potential culprit is a faulty thermostat. Replace the thermostat in the machine as soon as possible to prevent possible overheating, which can ruin your clothes, waste energy, and damage the machine beyond repair.

Call Wilshire Refrigeration for ASKO Dryer Repair

A heater problem can damage your dryer and clothes. Whatever the reason for your dyer not heating, Wilshire Refrigeration can find the underlying cause and provide appliance repair in Los Angeles and beyond. Our repair technicians are factory certified to provide ASKO dryer repair, as well as service Wolf stoves and ranges, Sub-Zero refrigerators, and Cove dishwashers. Serving Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada, our team specializes in prompt, friendly service and can address any appliance problem. Request service online or call 800-427-3653 today to set up an appointment.