Why Wolf Should Be Part of Your Dream Kitchen for the Holidays

The kitchen is arguably the center of gravity and heartbeat of most households. It is where the family meets to cook, eat, share daily experiences and rejoice. Kitchens play an integral role in daily life and become center stage in times of celebration, especially the holidays.ย 


Keeping your kitchen current and up-to-date doesnโ€™t have to be an expensive endeavor, but it is something worth investing in.

69% of homebuyers said that they would have paid more for a property simply based on new appliances.

That isnโ€™t even including new countertops, flooring or fixtures. Taking pride in your kitchen by installing high-end appliances not only adds value to your home, but can bring you years of enjoyment.ย 

Give the Gift of Wolf This Holiday Seasonย 

There are few things as exciting as updating your kitchen. Getting shiny new appliances to elevate one of the most important spaces in your household is always a time to celebrate. If you have decided to put some of your holiday budget towards modernizing your kitchen, the best brand to deck your countertops with is Wolf appliances.ย 

Wolf appliances are the total embodiment of luxury and seamless kitchen design. Best known for their professionally appointed gas ranges, the full line of Wolf appliances now includes something for every inch of your kitchen.ย 

  • Wolf Gas Range – Nothing screams style like a Wolf gas range. Professional chefs demand this level of craftsmanship in their home kitchens. The reputation and performance of a Wolf gas range is second to none. Take the Wolf 36โ€ dual fuel range for instance. With this, you get the best of both worlds. The dual-stacked cooktop now produces up to 20k Btu and as low as 300 Btu for a super soft simmer. Down below Wolf dazzles us with their superior cooking technology. Wolfโ€™s dual convection electric oven comes equipped with two fans and four heating elements that work to collectively to generate 10 separate cooking modes. Simply select what dish youโ€™re preparing and the range will do the rest. There is even a pre-set for proofing dough and dehydrating fruit if you so choose. With a Wolf gas range, you can cook in complete confidence. Most Wolf ranges come in a variety of styles, configurations and colors to complement any kitchenโ€™s aesthetic.ย 
  • Wolf Microwaves – Wolf microwaves come in a wide variety of options. Choose from standard or convection, drop-down door or side-swing door, these beautifully sleek microwaves operate with oven-like precision to heat food evenly and thoroughly. It can be installed to be flush with the rest of your kitchen, or standard. Some models even include an intuitive โ€˜gourmet modeโ€™ setting that allows the microwave to do the work by adjusting settings as it cooks. This appliance can be coordinated with other Wolf built-in appliances, ovens and warming drawers to create a 360 seamless effect to bring the entire kitchen together.ย 
  • Wolf Coffee Systems – Staying on brand with clean lines and a modern design, the integrated Wolf coffee system was created to give you professionally brewed java with style in mind. If your tastebuds crave an espresso, a cappuccino or just a black cup of coffee, now you can brew whole-bean or pre-ground coffee in a variety of ways. The Wolf coffee system comes with a built-in water tank so there is no need to employ a plumber to install it.ย 

Current Kitchen Appliance Trendsย 

  • Integrated Design – Integrated kitchen appliances are all the rage these days. Most homeowners are requesting seamless design in their kitchens. Wolf, Sub-Zero and Cove all work in conjunction to offer clients a wide variety of integrated design options and finishes that can modernize even the most outdated of kitchens. This blends appliances with the cabinetry to create a modern aesthetic that invites onlookers in and provides a stress-free cooking environment.ย 
  • Energy Efficiency – This is a biggie for people that want to shave off as much as they can from their gas or electric bill. Having kitchen appliances that fall in the category of โ€˜eco-friendlyโ€™ is always a perk. Look for the Energy Star Logo on the following Wolf appliances: L Series Built-In Electric Ovens, E Series Built-In Electric Ovens, Induction Cooktops, Wolf Electric Cooktops.ย 
  • Functional Features – Who doesnโ€™t want to make life easier? Options like self-cleaning, temperature control and even wi-fi ready are all conveniences that consumers are looking for when purchasing high-end appliances.ย 
  • โ€˜Greenโ€™ Appliances – Wolf appliances are made in the United States. In an effort to stay dialed-in to sustainability, 75% of their stainless steel is made from recycled materials. Thanks to Wolfโ€™s manufacturing facilities and their dedication to scrap reduction objectives, 50% of the plastic used in the refrigerators is recycled content. Not to mention all of Sub-Zero and Wolfโ€™s industrial vehicles are electric.ย 

Remember how much value high-end appliances can bring to your home. In certain neighborhoods, buyers expect to see luxury appliances like Wolf and Sub-Zero. Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the near future, at least you know youโ€™re installing quality elements into your ongoing labor of love this holiday season.ย 

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