Why Won’t My Washer Start?

You have a pile of dirty clothes and your dependable washer has suddenly stopped working. Sometimes you can fix the problem, but other times, appliance repair in Los Angeles or Las Vegas is needed. If the machine is overloaded, you can reduce the load or switch detergents. Maybe a plug has come loose. Other reasons your washing machine may not start include:

There Is No Power Supply

A breaker switch may have tripped, or a fuse may have blown. Check the circuit breakers or fuse box to see if there’s a problem and verify electrical components are rated for the appliance. If not, upgrade the breaker/fuse as soon as possible. Also, check that the washer cord is plugged directly into a grounded outlet, rather than via an extension cord.

A Faulty Door or Lid Switch

Front-loading washing machines use a door switch to lock the door. The machine won’t start unless the switch is closed. Located in the door frame, the switch is connected to a strike where it engages into the locking system. To verify a defective door (or lid) switch, disconnect the power and use a multimeter to check for continuity; the switch must be replaced if none is detected.

Top load washers use a lid switch. If the lid is open, this switch will disconnect the power flow, so the machine’s motor won’t run. Depending on the machine type, it may or may not fill with water, as some lid switches control the water inlet valve as well. You can identify this switch under the lid, attached to a pin or pusher that presses it. Potential problems include the switch not being pressed when it should, or the switch being engaged but the motor isn’t receiving power.

The Timer Knob Has Worn Out

If the timer knob doesn’t engage the timer shaft, the shaft won’t activate the washer. Turn the machine off and check the back of the timer. By pulling or pushing the knob, you can see if the knob and timer shaft engage. A worn knob may slip. Replacing it should resolve the problem.

A Faulty Motor

A motor controls spin and agitation. If the motor is faulty, it may not turn on. You may or may not hear a humming sound. Front load washers have motors that use a ribbed belt to drive the basket, while top load washers use a reversing motor to spin and agitate. Sometimes a motor may be jammed, but a belt or transmission problem is another possibility.

Here are other potential reasons a washer won’t start:

  • Electric control board problem
  • Faulty heater
  • Damage to the main PCB
  • Broken user interface board
  • Bad washer water inlet valve
  • Defective water-level pressure switch

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